I prepared this 20 minute performance for an assembly of 700 6th-12th graders, their parents, and the school administrators in Manhattan this Winter. My goal was to change their perceptions of what a DJ set was.

I use my Komplete 6 and MIDI control (MPK25) of Ableton Live to separately effect my turntables and mixer (Technics 1200s and Rane TTM57 controlling videos in Serato), my Maschine Mikro (playing 909 samples), and my Vocals (routed through a Kaoss pad). I was able to record each of these three tracks separately and could thus generate a finished product I was happy with. I employed Quicktime screen capture to get the video track from a separate monitor and I was filmed on my 60D at home by Lindsay Hilscher. All the footage used is from one take (the 6th or 7th), and video was edited (sparingly) in Final Cut X.

Shirt design by nicholas Gazin for Wolf and Lamb

Here is a picture of me from the actual performance.