Joey Badass – Denzel Curry – Statik Selektah – Bishop Nehru – Nyck Caution – Live in Lauderdale

Joey Badass was building a lot of steam after the XXL freshman class of 2013,

getting featured on Mac Miller’s “Macadelic” (where I heard him for the first time and enjoyed the verse).

Mac Miller, along with Homeboy Sandman (Stones Throw’s NYC golden child), and Run the Jewels (although Mike and El have the unfortunate circumstance of touring with an unlistenable dj currently) are some of the dudes doing the underground/commercial hip hop tightrope walk without falling off. I’m not convinced by Joey anymore. The debut album B4.Da.$$ was a failure to me, mostly because it felt bloated with tracks (mixtape rapper’s first release perpetual challenge), and unoriginal. It’s really hard being a backpack sounding rapper in 2015 and if you’re gonna do it you better have some INCREDIBLE rhymes to deliver over those played out jazz samples.  Alternatively this dude is touring with one of the best DJs and hip hop producers currently active in Statik Selektah. Statik deserves all the praise, he’s awesome live and his albums are consistently dope with all the right features and collabos. Pluse he supports battle rap in his home state of Massachusetts!

Another MAJOR surprise was Miami’s own Denzel Curry. He had a great stage presence and a ton of fans came out to support (he’s from Miami Gardens so they didn’t have far to travel). The combination of nerdiness and rap has always appealed to me, exemplified by the recent DOPE film. Denzel does it with finesse using video game imagery and even starting his set with this incredible Goku Dragonball Z performance where he has sound effects from the show and has the crowd “move the energy” back and forth while he is in a deep squat.The video and track for “Parents” is definitely what appeals to me most among the projects he has posted currently and I hope he continues in this direction and doesn’t go all Meek Mill on us.

Here’s some of the shots from the show. Hit the FACEBOOK PAGE for all of the pictures.

IMG_4104 IMG_4130


Bingo Players – Live (and Alone) in Lauderdale


Bingo Players is Bingo Player. I learned that last night.  Maarten (above) played his hits “Rattle” and “Cry (Just a Little)” which samples Brenda Russel’s “Piano in the Dark” along with an assortment of uptempo and big room anthems.  He also took a break to play one hip hop song (let me clear my throat?) which was cool but also – Skrillex has been doing that since 2011.    I would have liked to have heard more of the openers. When I showed up there was a female DJ absolutely roasting but I didn’t get any pics or video.

Here’s the new single “Knock you Out” what do you think?

Here are some more shots from the night.

Bingo Players - Live in Lauderdale



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Skratcher Miami – With Loki Knockers Illmatic and Juanton

So dope getting to hang with these dudes at Scratch DJ Academy Miami!
Shouts to Ant Smith for putting me onto this event.  Really awesome how including they were of me with my limited scratching abilities. They were legitimately going in check the video above and pics below.

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IMG_3101 IMG_3097 IMG_3080

Kendrick – Alright Video 5 Reasons it’s the Best You’ll See on the Internet Today

1) 4 old white dudes dressed as cops – carrying Kendrick, Schoolboy Q and his boys down the street “settee” style

2) Black and White photography – with incredible shots of LA (but why not in 4K?)

3) Special Effects – Kendrick floating over the city and all of the reactions are so on point. This video just has an exciting mood!

4) Eye Candy – only two female models and probably 4 seconds of screen time between them but they make their point quickly.

5) Dancers – Pays homage to the pop and lock bay area styles

My only gripe is with some of Kendrick’s styling – the DSquared shirt looks like last Winter’s fashion (although this video may well have been shot back then)

What do you guys think?? Post comments.  We gon’ be alright!

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 11.39.47 AM


We have Merch! I have been working with the incredibly talented Heyla (who knows how to sew!) to develop a series of modded T’s to get you fresh for the summer.  I was inspired by a sweater that Gold Whistle chief Cobra Krames hooked me up with that was thrifted. The inspiring element for me was that none of the items were the same – my sweater had something in common with his but it was unique. A slightly different shade of green – a missing thread here or there – a ketchup stain j/k.

Hit this LINK to go to our new merch page and click on the PICS to buy things from us!

I still have five of the infamous Crocmode Bandanas from last May – and coming hot for Summer 2015 we have a ton of new items I’m stoked to share.

Series 1 and 2 have only one shirt each – like – super limited releases.

Series 3 is in development and I’m almost nervous to share but here is the early photo:


Yes the Obama DJing shirt says “run tings”

Happy shopping!

IAM – Live in Fort Lauderdale 4/15/15

“I am sezza man from the royal fam never ate ham, never gave a damn”

The collabo between IAM and the Wu Tang Clan wasn’t the first time I heard this legendary rap crew but it is my favorite cut and one I was willing to invest in to own on vinyl.


I dug this show. It’s pretty wild how big of a following these dudes have to fill a venue in Lauderdale on a Wednesday. Nobody spoke English at this show. Which makes sense because the dudes on stage didn’t really speak any English either.

The show was pretty well done – no extravagant stage setup or lighting because they are flying in from Europe. Basically it’s 4 MCs and 3 DJs.  The middle DJ has show tracks running in ableton. The two DJs on the wings are mixing and scratching.  Not a lot of MIDI triggering or interaction between the DJs.  The one time I was impressed the DJ on the left did a medley where the guys rapped over some classic instrumentals (think Sugarhill Gang and Run DMC)


Afterwards I went out in Lauderdale met some cool people and did a yoga pose in a bar that ended up with me frontflipping into giant jenga and having to replace a girl’s beer.  Good times indeed.


Blackbird – Fools Gold – Crew Love


Miami Music Week is a great excuse to explore my boundaries as a med student and take some pictures and meet some people.  This week I met Nick Catchdubs, Craze, Vanessa from Posso, A-Trak, Jubilee, and Spankrock.


The secret to my success in getting into many shows was following around one of my favorite DJs and producers Sammy Bananas.  This guy is one of the humblest – most interesting – coolest dudes in the game.  He also has an incredible ear for funky house and makes some of the best edits – he really gets house music in a way that is very rare.  He dropped this new track he’s apparently working on with Apt One (Philladelphyinz – Young Robots) that uses the herb alpert rise sample (biggie hypnotize for the uninitiated) and I’m really looking forward to that release.  He had a great room to play to at Blackbird Ordinary in Brickel and I ran into some friends of one of my med school friends and they were really cool! Such a highlight of the night – music fans – people that like to dance – and mutual acquaintances. They bounced to catch the train and Sammy and I dipped to Grand Central to catch A-Trak’s set at 1AM at the Fool’s Gold party.


At this point my flash had died and I was also wearing a super goofy suit – and dude didn’t let me on stage so I didn’t get any good pictures of A-Trak.  Did however get to meet him after his set. Have to say the Fool’s Gold boss blew me away last night at Grand Central. He plays so heavy and it’s very current.  Makes sense with what he’s been doing with the label merging the worlds of dance music and hip hop and kind of looking past genres to the future.  We talked about Danny Brown. He was super humble and eventually I ran out of questions I’m like “How do you feel?” He’s like “It feels great man we’re making music and going places – sorry I have to change my shirt” and spins around to take it off.

Talked with Vanessa from Posso for a while. She’s from LA and her musical project is really cool  – she can actually sing really well although it seems like their show is mostly DJing for now.  Asked her how she stays energized on the road and she said she doesn’t drink alcohol – makes sense.  Also she likes cooking for people and makes a lot of the outfits they wear which is cool.  Looking forward to seeing them next time they’re in Miami in April.

After catching the end of Martin Solveig and A-Trak and drinking some free beers we bounced to catch Crew Love in Wynwood.  This party was really amazing.  Reminded me of the poplar grove that is no more in Gowanus where I danced last summer with the Mister Sunday crew.  I took some shots and gave away some stickers and danced and eventually materialized back in Deerfield Beach. Amen.